Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Muslim anti-war protesters abuse British soldiers as 'baby killers' during homecoming parade




  1. I'm against the radical Islamic threat as much as the next person, but you have to call these protesters savages? There was a time when the USA was founded, that peoples who lived here were called savages and then slaughtered and almost wiped out as this country established itself. Peoples were brought by slave ships and suffered 400 years through slavery and genocide. So please don't use that word, its a disgrace to Human dignity everywhere.

  2. Did you ever hear of freedom of speech?

    These Muslims can call brave soldiers butchers and terrorists? I can call them savages.

    They are allowed their freedom of speech, but I am not?

  3. No one is preventing you from uttering anything. By calling them savages all you're doing is lowering yourself to their level; and I would say, stooping to an even lower one, because you and I live in a much more tolerant and enlightened tradition in the West. We cannot simply hide behind the protection of one of the greatest testaments to our culture -free speech - in using terms like savage. That word was used to identify peoples that were subjecated during times of great human injustice in the past and in this day and age we should know better than to give in to the all too well tried tribal urges of us against them. Those protestors may be on the wrong side of history but they are no less human than you or I.

  4. This is America and we still have free speech here. They are savages...

    Go spew your politically correct crap somewhere else. Those "savages" would slit your throat and behead you if they had the chance. People like you are a danger, because you are trying to create sympathy for these animals.


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