Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hate Mail from New Zealand

Having linked in off a Glenn Beck vid mentioning the FEMA camps (this is news? I knew this five years ago…) I surfed over your dreck. What spastic drool you put out, puppet-head. Just look at all the “me me me” links you provided…. Seriously ,all the Americans who continue to push the sickness of the Repug bullshit need to take drugs and get calm… you lost, chump, it’s a black man’s White House now … grow up and get used to it.

America hasn’t been about “freedom” for decades, it’s been about the corporatisation of other countries at any cost to their populations and the total wholesale lying of politicians at home. You fools have been hood winked for decades, you have no idea what the Real World looks like any more. You’re a small minded narcissistic troll.


Dear Henry,

I will be thinking of you and your family when Putin's troops are storming through your town in the very near future. It is at that moment, you will realize that the USA was your only hope for survival.

Good luck, because you will be shining the boots of Russian soldiers with your TONGUE,


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