Monday, March 30, 2009

Comment from a British Muslim on Islam

This comment was left on one of my You Tube videos -

U believe islam is peaceful, even after knowing that even "British born" Muslims feel that those who leave islam lose their right to live? Geez.. i wonder which brainwashing death cult u belong to. I've been studying islam for 10 yrs, I challange anyone to prove to me that islam is not violent.

You're going to show me the 'beauty' of islam in What? Beheadings? Stoning women to death? Flogging homosexuals? Honor killings? Suicide bombing? Animal sacrifices? Public hanging? Sick Butcher religion.

Islam has an entrenched VIOLENCE problem. Don't believe me? When did you last hear of an Atheist blowing up a mosque? A Jew hijacking a plane? A Christian "suicide bomber" blowing up Spanish trains or British buses? A Buddhist stoning a woman or Hindu beheading foreign hostages (reporters, journalists etc.) or machine gun slaughtering captives in a Mumbai hotel?

I already know what ur answer will be, "But this isn't the real Islam." Oh, no? The terrorists chant "Allah-0-Akbar!" when they do it.

John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy =s Muhammad the False prophet caught for theft and murder.

Did Muhammad "steal" and perverted passages from the Torah and Bible (OT and NT) without Yaweh's authority which you can find in Quran?
Ans. Yes!

Did Muhammad ever "kill" anyone and order his followers to engage in mass murder of unbelievers or polythiests?
Ans. Yes!

Ans. Yes!

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