Sunday, November 23, 2008

Video of 9/11 Hijacker One Year Before Attacks

The 9/11 truthers are useful idiots for the world socialist movement. I guess Bush and Cheney were directing this video? Alex Jones and the American trash that obey and swallow for him, belong in a mental institution, they are a danger to this country.

Iran was the real orchestrator of 9/11, that is why Bush wanted them surrounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would have just nuked them....

Iran was following the direct orders of Putin. Putin and Bush were having a major feud BEFORE 9/11 over a nuclear treaty and the Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO. Bush made a speech in June 2001 in Europe stating that he wanted the former Soviet Republics to join NATO. This infuriated Putin and 3 months later 9/11 happened on the 124th birthday of the founder of the KGB, Felix Dzerzhinsky (Putin’s idol).

The rest is history.....

This is a secret, so don’t tell anyone. The American idiots can not handle the truth.....SHHHHHHH

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