Saturday, August 16, 2008

Michael Savage and the Russian Issue

As many of you know, I have always been a huge Michael Savage supporter, but his silence about the Russian threat over the past few years has made me suspicious. Michael Savage is a Russian Jew, so I could see him having some loyalty, but he still should tell the truth.

I heard an old show of him (it is on my Savage clip list, Col Lunev is the title) and he was talking about the testimony in front of Congress by a Soviet Defector that said Russia is engaged in a stealth war as we speak. I believe this was in 1998. Savage was exploding about the testimony and how Dem. Congress Waxman was ripping him to shreds, instead of thanking him for the the vital intelligence information.

Many times Savage had a caller (Jimmy from Brooklyn) that would call and NOBODY knew more about Russia than this guy. He was brilliant...
Jimmy has only been on once that I could remember in the past year. I suspect that Savages call screener is preventing him from getting on the show.

I have barely listened to Savage since the Russian/Georgian war has started due to his attacks on Bush for the incident. He was starting to sound like that nut, Alex Jones and I could not listen any longer.

Alexander Litivenko even said before he was murdered that Russia is fighting the USA with an invisible hand, but of course the media will never have the guts to say that publicly.

Putin is using the radical Muslims, the same way that Hitler used the fanatical Japanese. Only in this war they are undermining our laws via the liberal courts, communist front groups like the ACLU and treasonous judges. They are also using sabotage, propaganda and infiltration and people better wake up soon, because we are on the verge of losing everything.

The LIBS would love to hand us over to Putin and China to save their own asses, they are cowards and traitors. That is why they want to disarm you folks. Thank God Bush put those conservatives into the Supreme Court, because the right to bear arms was in severe danger a few months ago.....

Draw us into a long, bloody war....

Deplete our funds and will....




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