Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Forty Years Ago, The Tanks Rolled Into Czechoslovakia

History repeating itself? The Russians seem to like making military moves in August. I have noticed this for some time and EVERY AUGUST for the past 4 years I have watched these bastards closely. This August, it finally happened...Georgia.

An interesting angle that I have not heard yet from anyone is the USA was involved in the Vietnam war when Russia invaded Czechoslovakia. Today , while the USA is in Iraq and Afghanistan Russia invades Georgia. Was it part of their plan? Keep the USA busy while fighting their surrogates (yes, Saddam was a Russian surrogate and so is Al Qaeda) so they can just walk into any Country that they like. Interesting...

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the invasion of

1 - August 21, 1968 - Czechoslovakia invaded

2 - August 29, 1949 - Russia tested their first atomic bomb,

3- August 8th, 1945 - (the same day as the Georgia invasion) Russia declares war on Japan

4 - August 20, 1991 - The staged collapse of the USSR, Gorbachev placed under house arrest.

August 25, 1941 - Soviet and British troops invaded Iran in reaction to the Shah's refusal to reduce the number of German residents.

6 - August 24, 1991 -
President Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as the head of the Communist Party

7 - August 19, 1960 -
The Soviet Union launched its Sputnik 5 satellite into Earth orbit

8- August 13,
1849 - Nicholas I sent Russian troops to Austria to quell the Hungarian Rebellion

9- August 12,
1759 - The Russians under General Soltikov and the Austrians under General Landon defeated 40,000 Prussians under Frederick the Great at the Battle of Kunersdorf in the Seven Years War.

10 August 12, 1953 - The Soviet Union conducted a secret test of its first hydrogen bomb.

11- August 3, 1957 - The Soviet Union successfully tested it's first ICBM

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