Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CNIN Moving to a New Site - The Conservative Monster

I am building a new site, due to the fact that the liberal fascists at You Tube banned me. I guess 400,000 hits last month was seen as a threat to the PROGRESSIVE SCUM.

Like I have been warning for the longest time, we are in the final days of free speech. For the past 8 years the left wing garbage in this country were allowed to pollute You Tube 24 hours a day with lies about Bush and the troops.

The Obama regime owns NBC and now they own Google and You Tube. Hitler and Stalin would be very proud of you BARRY.

I am getting mail from MANY You Tubers and they are very pissed that I was banned.

Would You Tube ever do this to a Muslim or Gay Rights activist? NO, they would not, because they are cowards.

It seems to be that once again CONSERVATIVE speech is being DISCRIMINATED AGAINST?

So cnintruth.com and cnintruth.org will eventually be pointing to a new blog, once I figure out how to get it rolling.

Please read through the archives that I have on this blog also, I do not plan on closing it...




  1. we cannot except defeat under any terms. Can you check out oilforimmigration.org ?? Davey Crockette has to bypass the same traps and obstacles as you "cnintruth.blogspot.com" try giving him a chat and see if you can unite or check out how he runs his site- I think its an overseas base- So its possible to do the work that this country needs doing... Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death ! These words are meaningless if we don't act and stand for freedom. IT will be a meaningless death if we let our lives slip into the bo coma... He is to destroy this country and set the trap to engulf us into the slammie takeover or any other takeover for that matter...We must stand together and not loose our freedoms , that were faught with blood , sweat and tears. If need it again , so be it. To save a soul and physical life and generations more after us. we must continue to get all the info out in multiple forms, you never know what they will do next. All forms of communication are needed. We must fight this evil force back to extinction, for it never to impose this country again like it has. Patriots , the real ones are the last ones standing... Maverick588

  2. I am fighting bro...this sucks, but I have no choice. You Tube just gave me knock out punch, I just lost tons of traffic due to their FASCISM.

    Thanks for your support.

  3. Hmmm, perhaps you can be creaaattttive-- And besides other video options to get the truth out. Why are they going after you?? Pam Geller and Savage and oilforimmigration and investigatingobama.blogspot.com and all the others have just as much and more then you in that regard w/the vids.. The Lawyer Im working with is Orly Taitz - I help do some research (lower on the chain now)b/c many are involved in helping her. She is the one who has made the most progress to remove mr bo the fictitious.. Surely your smart , man. Orly has her vids, and all the others to. Orly is on defendourfreedoms.us and she has ohter sites. Im not on my own computer, but when nobody is here , Im on this one. Many use it, so I do what I gotta. Hey we post your stuff on our faceboo and space cadets-- You should think about multiple ways to get info out , and if a shut down come have backup sources and save it then also shortwave , or anything to keep it flowing- Also I think Michael Savage said something one time about using the COMMERCE laws (right to earn a living) something like it. He said one day if they come after him he would fight back with everything like that. Also the Georgia State has INDICTED mr bo on common law, it still exists. We have to take our rights back , no doubt. Lan lamphere is on overnightam, he when he is in his moods is back on air- Running the show as he wants , no other way! You can do it , lets take down yuoytubby :) and fight back with all the info and laws we can .. They cant censor the truth and they cant tell someone they cant post unless you promote drugs or whatever ..?? Maverick588

  4. I bet my "Bin Laden is in Iran" video was the cause, even though they did not mention it. I got booted 2 days after that video was posted.

  5. I have this site on a RSS feed so be sure to post when you get your site up.

  6. I just edited the feed address, so you should still get the feeds. Let me know if there is a problem.




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