Thursday, February 5, 2009

Will Obama Blame Fox News and Talk Radio if Stimulus Fails to Pass?

Even if this does pass, this guy is walking around like he is the new dictator in town and he is doing what the left falsely accused Bush of for 8 years. This guy is a true socialist dictator in the making and the American idiots have themselves to blame, because they allowed the media to brainwash them to accept this clown.

Race, white liberal guilt, constant media cleansing of Obama's radical past and the staged economic collapse prior to the election were major factors in this guy beating McLame. The American people are being bum rushed with this wasteful stimulus bill that was written by Nazi Pelosi and she excluded the Republicans from adding to it. This is ECONOMIC FEAR MONGERING.

Then they have the nerve to whine about bi-partisan cooperation? These thugs are a bunch of frauds and Nazi Pelosi should be impeached. I wouldn't put it past Obama to blame talk radio and FOX news for the negative press about this socialist package.

Will he declare an economic emergency and declare all dissent as counter productive and illegal? This is the road most other dictators go down...

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