Friday, January 16, 2009

Two Liberals on CNN Discussing the Trauma of a Plane Crash - Hudson River Crash

This video is hilarious; you have to see these two liberals talking about the plane crash. Liberals are the ones always talking about depression and shrinks, because they are almost always depressed/miserable people. Then one of them said, The world is going to feel like a scarier place if you were one of the passengers on this plane.

The world is a scary place, but you moron liberals are so heavily medicated, you would not even have a clue about how dangerous it is. That is why you all bend over backwards to accommodate or gravest enemies, because you surrender out of fear.

Then the one on the right states that It made her feel good to see something that works, because so much in this country does not work. The left wingers complain about everything in this country, because they so badly want to undermine the Capitalist system that they despise so much. Marxism and government control over everything is their UTOPIA.

Remember, everything is bad and negative, unless of course it has to do with socialism or Hussein Obama of course :)

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