Sunday, August 24, 2008

Did Murdered Gay Man have an Affair with Obama?

I will start off saying that I do not back up any of these allegations, but anything is possible these days. Someone just anonymously sent me this video and then I started to dig....

There have been allegations that Obama was having a homosexual affair with a man named Donald Young. Young was a choirmaster at Obama's Trinity church and he was executed back (shot in the head) in December 2007, just several months before Obama announced his candidacy for the election.

Larry Sinclair, the man that alleges that he had gay sex and did drugs with Obama, states that he and Donald Young spoke on the phone just days before his murder, but he did not say what they talked about.

This video also claims that Obama has had a homosexual affair with his pastor, Jeremiah Wright for over 20 years. Again, I have no proof of this...I am just posting the video for you to decide.

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