Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have talked about Darwin before and right off the bat I want to say that the majority of my hate mail comes from ATHEISTS and MARXISTS. These people are fanatical with their radical agenda to destroy ALL religions anyway they can.

The Hitler connection to Darwin, sends the liberal loons into orbit, because that is another part of their plan of deception. In this Darwin video, the author explains how Hitler used Darwin's theories to get his idea to form a master race by killing people with bad genes and forced reproduction of the SS soldiers with women that had blond hair and blue eyes.

The plan of deception is to CHANGE HISTORY and distort the connection between Hitler and Darwin, so they can promote their anti-Religion and Socialist agenda.

Whitewashing communism's bloody past is another one of their objectives. The liberal historians and professors say everything with Hitler and Fascism is bad; everything communist and socialist is not bad. They want to dissect and separate political ideologies to the point where you do not know what they are or stand for. Capitalism and the religious right are considered fascists, but liberals are just liberals and there are no more communists according to these deceivers. People die, ideologies like communism doesn't die.

Lenin, Stalin and Mao were ALL influenced by Darwin, but again this is kept under the table by the little liberal socialists.

I have respect for Harun Yahya's opinion, because as a Muslim, he knows the dangers of communism to ALL RELIGIONS.

These video's on The Bloody History of Communism and Darwinism are brilliantly done, they are by Harun Yahya (He is a Muslim). You can find more information on him at

Download the videos here, they are FREE.......


  1. Harun Yahya is a really sincere writer. I benefit a lot by reading his work.

  2. I am very impressed by his work. More Muslims better realize that socialists, liberals, Marxists and communists are not their friends.

    They will learn the hard way........


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