Thursday, May 29, 2008

America's Climate Security Act - ENVIRONMENTAL FASCISM

ENVIRONMENTAL FASCISM via HIGH TAXES. I have been warning you people for a while and here it comes. The Senate is voting on this NEXT WEEK and it could jack gas up to $8 a gallon. What is their goal?

They want to cripple the people into a state of dependence, because many people will not be able to afford food, electricity or gas soon without the help of the Government.

Many Dems are pushing for higher taxes to force people to cut back on fuel consumption instead of drilling for more oil. The supply is unlimited, do not listen to them, this is a way to control your life.

How does a carbon credit card sound to you? There are calls to impose this in England. If you go over you allowance of energy, you will have to buy more from people that do NOT use their carbon credits. They (the environmental loons that run the Governments) want to control your fuel, electricity and the food that you buy.

TOTAL and absolute control. Do you think it can't happen? There are fascists working around the clock figuring out just how to ram it down your throat....

$4.00 a gallon gas prices is not enough, they want to paralyze you, the economy, inflate food prices, cause food shortages and eventually cause global unrest. There has already been unrest in Africa, Egypt and Haiti due to food shortages.

ENTER THE NEW WORLD ORDER and Global Martial Law (after a mini nuclear war of course), that will get things really nice and juicy.

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